If you want to learn how to make fun classes for teaching the english tenses which will simplify your class preparation and really help your students understand the english tenses system, click to start.


Hi, I’m Patricia

I'm here to make your english teaching experience fun and easy.

I have been teaching english to foreign students for nearly 20 years now. I would now like to share this experience so that others can benefit from the knowlege i have gathered over the years. I feel that tenses are taught in a very complex and rather boring way in general. I would like to change all that. Please help me change tense teaching methodology by taking this course. Thanks and enjoy!

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Teaching the english tenses

Methodology for teaching the present and past tenses

a course for TEFL teachers to help

explain the present and past tenses

to their students

this and that
This and that

You will be able to explain the two space dimensions in the english language: Here and there, this and that

present and past
Present and past

You will be able to explain the relationship between the past and the present in english in a simple and fun way.

lost key
Pictures to explain tenses

You will be able to use pictures to help explain the different tenses in english.